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After the success of the relaunch of the Villan trainer, we are excited to announce another return to the Patrick heritage with the retro style Patrick Rio trainer in three colourways. The long history of Patrick serves as main influences for its current designs, showing the importance of its archive collections. Many that grew up in the 1980s owned or longed for a pair of Patrick trainers… but with the relaunch of retro styles, everyone can own a pair today.

To showcase our exciting launch, we have interviewed our Patrick designer, Shyam Vasta, asking him about his role with Patrick, his influences, creative processes when working with this brand and of course, football. We would like to say a huge thank you to Shyam for taking part in our ‘Meet The Designer’ blog post this month. Read on to hear all the Patrick design secrets…

  1. Tell us about your current favourite Patrick product!

My favourite Patrick Product has to be the all over print Cagoule – a classic silhouette which is brought to life with a retro inspired all over print graphic for a loud punchy look; once it’s paired with the Patrick Rio in Sky, what more could you want?

Patrick Rio in Sky Blue

  1. How has the history of Patrick influenced your recent designs?

Patrick’s history is extensive, going back 130 years, making it a gold mine for me as the designer. Each style and design have a link back to the brands original history making each piece special in its own way.

  1. What is your creative process when coming up with designs?

As mentioned, the archive is generally the starting point, looking out for gems that could be modernised in line with current trends – to bring some freshness to retro classics.

  1. How did you get into design?

Thanks to my teacher, Secondary School was when I was first exposed to the design process, more specifically Product/Industrial Design. I then went on to study design at university and as my passion for streetwear and ‘hypebeast’ culture grew I quickly found myself designing footwear and apparel.

  1. What can we expect to see from Patrick in the future?

There is a raft of new and exciting styles coming in HOT! Without giving too much away, expect some heat in the footwear department – new colourways and styles incoming - and apparel packs to support. Some exciting times ahead!

  1. What’s your favourite football team?

Manchester United from Day 1!


  1. What’s your favourite piece from past Patrick collections?

The Copenhagen Style was a timeless squash trainer, and it has quickly become one of my favourites…is it going to make a return? Only time will tell…

  1. Did you own any Patrick growing up?

Unfortunately not, Patrick was before my time, which makes me even more excited to finally be able to own a Patrick piece.

We would just like to say another huge thank you to Shyam for taking part in our Q&A this month. Don’t forget to follow our Instagram, Shyam’s Instagram and subscribe to our newsletter for all the latest Patrick news.

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