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Latest News > The Return of the Liverpool Trainer

Returning once again to our Patrick heritage, we have the very exciting relaunch of the Liverpool trainer. Continuing with the retro shoe styles, the Liverpool trainer is another that would have caught the eye of someone back in the 80s. A brand with such rich history, makes for incredible designs and inspiration for its modern creations, so we’re pleased to announce another archival relaunch with the Liverpool Trainer!

Patrick gained popularity over the years with famous footballers in Patrick football boots resulting in young boys in the 80s having a kick about with friends longing for a pair of Patrick trainers. Today, we bring back the exciting Patrick hype with archival relaunches, reminding those of their youth, who may now be able to own one of those pairs of Patrick trainers!

With the successful launches of the Villan and Rio trainers, the Liverpool trainers are another to add to your ever-growing Patrick collection! Our latest addition comes in three colourways: black, white and white, red and blue for a pop of colour on your feet.Shop the Liverpool shoe

The Liverpool Shoe

Combining suede and leather for the perfect comfortable and retro-style shoe, the Liverpool trainer is a perfect addition to your footwear collection this season. Combine with our very latest apparel collection for the perfect Patrick look.

Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @patrick1892 with your latest additions to your Patrick collection…

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